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Learn about League positions

The League uses its positions to advocate on issues. Positions are reached only after study and consensus.

Local Positions

The LWV of Piedmont has positions in these areas:

1. Government
a. Library
b. Planning Process
c. Disaster Preparedness
2. Social Policy
a. Education
b. housing
c. Diversity
3. Natural Resources - Open Space

For a complete listing of Local Program, click HERE

LWV Bay Area Positions

Our positions address Regional Government, Regional Planning, Environment, Natural Resources, Hazardous Materials Management, Social Policy, Surface Transportation, and Airport Transportation and are available in these documents:

Regional Transportation Position Here

Regional Government & Planning Position Here

Environmental & Natural Resources Position Here

Hazardous Materials Position Here

Social Policy & Housing Position "Here"

LWV California Positions

To learn about the state positions, click HERE

LWV US Positions

To learn about National positions and issues, click HERE

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