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The members of the League of Women Voters of Piedmont review our local positions annually and re-adopt them at our Annual Meeting.


  1. Library:  Support the availability of free, publicly supported library services for all Piedmont residents. These services should be equal to the services provided by major library systems. We believe that as a responsible member of the Bay Area community, Piedmont should pay its fair share for quality library services. (1995)
  2. Planning Process:  The planning process in Piedmont should be efficient, consistent and fair. Efforts should be made to balance the needs of the individual resident with the needs of the community while maintaining the character and residential nature of Piedmont. (1991)
  3. Disaster Preparedness:  The League of Women Voters supports a comprehensive Disaster Preparedness Plan for Piedmont that includes responsibility and cooperation of the city, schools, neighborhoods and individuals. (1992)  


Support the enhancement and recreational development of open space for the use of all residents of Piedmont subject to: public safety, appropriate access, adequate maintenance, controlled use, environmental impact and financial impact.  (1985)


  1. Education:  Support a high level of education within the Piedmont Unified School District. (1948)
  2. Housing:  Current state law recognizes the need for additional housing, and the League of Women Voters supports Piedmont’s providing its fair share. Its members believe Piedmont can reach this goal without changing the character of the city or impairing the quality of life now enjoyed by its residents. The need for affordable housing should be balanced with the need for open space; environmental needs should also be addressed. (1992)
  3. Diversity:  The League of Women Voters of Piedmont will continue to embrace diversity and pluralism through education, coalition building, outreach, and interactive studies. (2000)


The League of Women Voters of Piedmont supports greater flexibility in the criteria for selecting the mayor, the importance of transparency in local government, and financial prudence in the conduct of City and School Board elections. (2016)

  • City Council criteria for selecting the mayor should include consideration of city government experience, seniority, leadership abilities and communication skills in addition to the most-votes tradition. This tradition holds that whichever member receives the highest number of votes in his or her first election to the Council becomes mayor during his or her second term – if re elected.
  • The process and criteria for selecting the City’s mayor and School Board president should be publicly disclosed.
  • In an uncontested City Council election, if there is no City measure on the ballot, the Council should appoint the candidates who have filed for election to the Council instead of holding an election.
  • In an uncontested School Board election, if there are no School Board measures on the ballot, the board should appoint the candidates who have filed for election to the School Board instead of holding an election.