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California’s New Normal: Drought and Deluge

On December 6th, Ashley Boren, Executive Director of Sustainable Conservation, gave a compelling presentation on California’s vulnerable water future. 


She explained that our water infrastructure, a complex, interconnected system of reservoirs canals, and transport pipes is decades old, desperately in need of refurbishment.  At the same time, increasing drought is threatening groundwater replenishment.   Looking ahead, we can no longer rely on an ample or predictable Sierra snowpack to supply all of our water needs. California’s increasing population and role as the country’s producer of two-thirds of all fruits and nuts, one-third of all vegetables and one-fifth of all dairy put additional pressure on a fragile system.


Sustainable Conservation is leading several water projects, including groundwater and habitat restoration, clean drinking water, and water use mitigation strategies for dairies.  Because agriculture consumes 80% of the water in California, Sustainable Conservation is working actively to bring landowners, business, environmental activists and government together to find workable solutions.


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